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Works for all Bugs!

The Love Bug Solution -
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The Love Bug Solution -
 A Cellophane - Like Barrier
Protecting Your Investment.

Just Rinse Away The Love Bugs!

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Works for all Bugs!

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THE LOVE BUG SOLUTION™ - Scrub Free Bug Protection for Vehicles!Now – The Love Bug Solution has the solution to your Love Bug damage headaches and backaches!

Invented by a Florida entrepreneur,

The Love Bug Solution™ is a spray on application once dry, creates a cellophane like barrier that protects against the worst Love Bugs have to offer.

And, The Love Bug Solution™ washes off Love Bug debris with the ease of spraying your car, truck, van or motorcycle with a garden hose.

We invite you to find out more about how you can now protect your automobile's surface with The Love Bug Solution!

Are You Ready for Love Bug Season?

Each year, millions of dollars in paint and chrome damage is done to vehicles due to the pesky, mating insects we know as LOVE BUGS!

Until now, the only relief for Love Bug madness was scrub brushes, plenty of soap and elbow grease and hopes that the money you invested in your car, truck or motorcycle was not being flushed down the drain with the nasty residue left by Love Bugs.

Protects your vehicle's paint and chrome from love bug damage!
The Love Bug Solution™ provides a spray on barrier to protect against damage from Love Bugs! The bug goo dries on the barrier making it easy to clean your car! The Love Bug Solution is the number one product for cleaning love bugs from your car, truck, van, or recreational vehicle.

The easiest bug remover on the market.
The Love Bug Solution™ dissolves to soapy suds when its time to remove Love Bug goo from your vehicle. No more scrubbing! Just hose bugs away!

Works for all insects!
The Love Bug Solution™ protects against all kinds of insect damage to your vehicle. Love Bugs are not the only insect bugging drivers. Each area of the world has their own bug problems. The Love Bug Solution™ works for all bugs and is now being exported worldwide to protect vehicles from all kinds of insects! Distributor inquiries are welcome.

Attention Full Service Car
Washes & Detailing Centers

Now Available to Full Service Car & Truck Wash Facilities!

The Love Bug Solution™ - Perfect for Fleet Vehicle Owners.
Protect Your Investment with The Love Bug Solution™

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Contact us to obtain information on how you can supply your customers with The Love Bug Solution. Dealer Distribution opportunities are available worldwide!

Love Bug Solution Testimonial

Testimonial received 4-4-2012 
"I recently had the front of my 2006 Honda Odyssey repainted, so I purchased the Love Bug Solution to protect it. I put on 2 light coats prior to going on a 2,000 mile golf trip to Arizona. Upon my return, the front of my van was black with bugs, so I ran it through the local car wash to wash off the solution. Voila! It came through perfectly with no stains! Great product, and I now will use it on all three vehicles!"

 EL CAMPO, TX 77437

Don’t Let Love Bugs Get the Best of You!


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